Induced Mutation

Induced Mutation

Although mutations are changes in an organism’s DNA, some do not cause panic and do not attract research interest. This is because such mutations are not spontaneous, instead, they are induced, hence, expected.

Therefore, induced mutations are mutations that arise after purposeful treatment with mutagens. Their cause is known, therefore, there is no panic, and researchers are not inquisitive about carrying out studies on such mutations. Evolutionary, they are irrelevant since such can still be repeated and similar results achieved.

An example is in exposing several organisms to different ranges of X-rays to assess the effect of the exposures on the organisms. Any result obtained from the exposures will not cause panic because they were anticipated, hence, induced.

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  1. But sir I have a question?
    Since the mutation is induced, can’t it cause variation in the genetic makeup of the genes,as regards to the researchers not panicking about it.

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