“Experience the soul-stirring melodies of Mr Cal. Discover uplifting rhythms, inspiring lyrics, and heartfelt worship that will uplift your spirit. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Nigerian gospel music and be moved by the power of faith and praise. Explore our collection of songs, albums, and captivating performances that will fill your heart with joy and draw you closer to the divine. Join us on this musical journey of celebration, hope, and devotion.”


Imela Download Here Lyrics Clap your hands now Yea yea   Verse: Lord I know I’ll your will Lord Everything you taught me to do o yeee Yes I have come And I have come To sing Your praises For the things you have given to me Now I lift my voice Lift my voice …

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Igwe Download Here Lyrics Ibu IGWEEE Chukwu IGWEEEE Ibu IGWEEE heeee   Verse: Ihe imere m ojuru m anya Ndu inyere m ojuru anya Elu ibuliru m ojuru m anya Ya mere Nna asigi Nna m Nara ekele ee   Chorus IGWEEEE Ana m aja gi mma Onye oma meeee Oke nkume ka ibu IGWEEEE …

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I’ll Praise You

I’ll Praise You Download Here Lyrics Verse 1 Your love is amazing Every day I yearn For you like a child seeks For mothers milk Your blessing is endless Your grace Lord is awesome Even if heaven and earth pass away I’ll never be tired Of praising and worship Forever and ever and ever I’ll …

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You Are Holy

You Are Holy (Feat. Simeon Maro)   Download Here   Mr. Cal Lord you are Holy Everything about you is Holy Your work is Holy I love calling You a Holy God Halleluiah You are holy (4*) Say He’s Holy now Choir You are holy (4*)   Simeon Maro The heavens Declare your greatness Creations …

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